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Senior care services - Questions and Answers: 

My family member is on Hospice. Do you work with hospice patients? 
Yes and I highly regard the Hospice organization and staff because my own Aunt and Uncle were well cared for during their illnesses. I am very familiar and comfortable with their organization as a result.

My loved one needs a Visiting Nurse throughout the week. Do you work along side of Visiting Nurses? Yes, I am comfortable working with professional nurses assigned to
my clients. These are medical professionals and I'm happy to help assist them to see to the wellness of a patient.
NOTE: If you have need of a visiting nurse or other referrals and don't know how to obtain their services, I'll be happy to work with you in finding one.

My loved one is very difficult to handle and I'm afraid I can't get them the help they need because of it. Can you help me with this? 
Sometimes there are clients who are at a more difficult stage due to illness or declining mental processes. This can be very hard on family members that are trying to do all they can for their loved ones. As a person who has had close relatives with severe cognitive disruption and illnesses - I'm very aware how this can affect the CARE GIVING environment and often simply using a soft voice and a kind touch diffuses a frustrating situation.

My loved one lives in my home and I've been the primary provider for all of their needs, I need a break. Do you do interim and respite care? 
Yes, I do. I can provide short or long term care while you take a break. As a caregiver, I do my best to pick up where you leave off with your loved one as well I try to be sensitive while in your home.

I or my loved one is in a wheel chair or can't walk. Do you do lifting? 
Yes, I can maneuver an average weighted person safely. 

Do you Care for married couples? 
Yes! However, two people can be managed best if they are both comfortable with the idea of a caregiver in their home and/or if one client is less disabled than the other.

Do you charge more for two people? 
Yes, the charge is the normal rate plus half.

Do you charge more for taking care of a pet while care giving? 
No, not normally. However if there is more than one pet or if the pet requires a great deal of attention and care and the level of your loved ones care is above average then a slightly higher rate will be charged.

What kinds of other duties do your services provide? 
Dressing, bathing, oral hygiene, feeding, toileting, medication prompting, cooking and meal preparation. A variety of activities and games to engage your loved one. Light housekeeping and laundry. If you need heavier cleaning and additional home services please see our housecleaning and home organizing services.

What about a person who is having difficulty accepting they may not be able to do what they once did or that some decisions are being made for them? 
This is always tough. But a caregiver should be able to put themselves in another persons shoes and understand with compassion that an elderly person would naturally have a need to feel they still have a say in what goes on around them. I try to always bear this in mind with every client no matter what their disability is. If I am working for the clients family it is important that their needs and sensitivities be understood as well.

What do you do if a client hits or bats at you? 
I use the same technique as above. If that doesn't work sometimes a firm voice and a direct gaze will. Yet at other times I simply step back and tell the client I am going into another room for a few minutes but will be back to check on them. This gives them a moment to decompress and hopefully their mood will be redirected. 

Do you assist with only severely disabled or sick people? 
We assist with both. In fact many people we've helped are quite mobile and active! Their needs are of a lighter nature and it is desirable that they maintain their independence for as long as is possible!

I or my loved one are or will be in an Assisted Living or convalescent situation. Do you work from places other than a clients home? 

Yes, I will go to a facility to provide companionship, care and to help oversee the health and happiness of a client.


I am nervous about the changes my loved one is going through and need direction and assistance. Can you help me?

Yes, I think I can! If you find you don't need my "in home" services I can certainly provide you with helpful strategies to assist you in finding the right situation for you and your loved one.

Can you work or share the job of care giving with another person I have already employed? 
Yes. If you already have somebody working for you and are happy with their services it is best retain them for the benefit of your loved one. I can work with that person as an affordable alternative to hiring somebody else from an agency or as interim care when that person goes on vacation.

Can you drive your own car if the client doesn't have a car? 
Yes, I will drive my own car to appointments or other places the client needs. I do not charge for mileage, but normal gas charges will apply. My car is large enough to accommodate 2 clients and a wheel chair. If you would like me to drive owners car - your insurance policy must cover additional drivers. NOTE: Please, no large SUV's!

Do you offer personal bill paying services along with the care giving? 
If the client or family of the client wishes that I do so - and the case load is light then I will be happy to help at no additional cost. If the clients needs are extensive then the higher fee will apply.

Do you have employees and do you mind working with male clients? 
When needed, I can employ additional people to help if the demand is there. No, I don't mind working with male clients. If it's necessary for a male assistant to be present, I can call on the expertise of my husband who has been of tremendous help with both sides of our families as well as in other care giving assignments.

Will you ever bring another person into a clients house without telling the client or the clients family? NO!! I will always communicate with a client if there will be someone besides myself in their home. Most of the time - this is only related to my spouse who may be there in the role of assisting me with a couple.. There is no charge for his services unless he were the primary caregiver himself which is most often while assisting a client where a male companion is preferable.


Why are your fees low? 

Simply put - to make it affordable for people who may not be able to stretch their incomes or who have limited insurance coverage and those who can't pay the high cost of agency fees.


Are you a certified nurses aid? 

No. I have worked as a front and light back office medical assistant in years past.


Do you know CPR? 

Yes.  Are you licensed as a nurse? No. I am considered non-medical staff. My experience is limited to care giving that has included some aspects of light "nursing" such as giving medications per doctors orders and in accordance to family requests. Assisting with oxygen tubing and related apparatus. Light wound care and maintenance. Personal Hygiene, cooking and light housecleaning.

Do you smoke? Do you mind working in an environment with a client who smokes? 
I am a non smoker but do not mind others who smoke. 

Do you have references? 

Yes. They will be furnished at your request.


Are you only in Long Beach? 

No, I also go to Seal Beach, Bixby Knolls, Signal Hill and if needed will go to Los Altos, Lakewood, and most of Orange County down to Laguna Beach. Please ask about any other destinations. 

Why are you called "All In One...?" 
I set my sights on providing services to the needs of the home and to those that reside in them. My background has always been dedicated to the service oriented care of people and pets, house & office.


What are your fees?

They are quite affordable and are much less than that of an agency!! The fees differ from one case to another and rates are defined by the needs and category of the client(s) we serve. Category refers to the level of care and service involved. Please call directly or use our request form. We are no pressure and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


If you need urgent help, contact me directly by cell phone....OR simply fill out the request form and you will get a response within minutes.


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