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After working in home health and having my own Mothers' health crisis I had little time to do anything but research the field of IN HOME Supportive services. What I found was a tremendously confusing process. It was very difficult to get concrete answers to my questions about how & where to find help for my own situation. 


Spending hours on the phone was a frustrating ordeal that lead me down one hopeful road after another only to be disappointed with the results. While I did find some referral services online or through an agency, what I came away with was MORE numbers to places with exorbitant fees in assisted living facilities and in home services. I was also becoming disillusioned by what I thought was a system that was suppose to be there for the elderly, senior or frail - those who did not have enough resources of their own or whose family members weren't in a position to pay for expensive services in or out of the home.


I was constantly turned down for IHSS (In Home Supportive Services) for my Mother, Edie, though it was clear to me given her reduced cognitive faculties that she really did need them and SHOULD have been qualified.  5 years later, I'm happy to say she has had the benefit of 4 children who all came together to provide, physical, psychological and monetary support - while two of us siblings provided my Mother with in home support. Want to meet Edie? Click on the link below.


Meet Edie!


More about me - A personal introduction!
My name is Maria and I've been an in - home companion and caregiver for several years. I've chosen this career because I enjoy working with people up close and personal while providing them and their families with coordinative support services and strategies that address the primary needs of the elderly or disabled.


Some of my "clients" have been my very own family members: My Mother who has Alzheimer's and a couple, my Aunt and Uncle, who were in desperate need of assistance while living in another state. In this out of state situation I was able to start the ball rolling for them from my home in Calif by making the necessary arrangements for their case management, in home supportive services and eventually, Hospice.


Once these strategies were in place...I went to stay with them for a stretch of time  working as their personal caregiver until I felt comfortable everything that was being done to help them was having the desired result and effect. I left knowing that they were in good hands and the right people and organizations were in place! I can definitely say - a piece of mind is worth a lot!
In between doing Home and Elder Companion Care I've also volunteered as a facilitator and a contributing writer for an online mental health community for the last 7 years.


~On a personal note~


What are some other things I might want to know about you and your services? 
I am married ( 22 years) and have one adult son and one very senior kitty cat!! I take pride in what I do and seek to provide a healthy well balanced and happy experience for myself and my clients.


You've mentioned your spouse as being a caregiver - is he a co-owner of "All In One Senior Services"? Yes, my spouse is also a caregiver. We have worked together on many assignments in particular when it comes to married couples or if the client requests a male. His background is as a consultant in Web development, technical analyst and a programming. He brings a compassionate personality and a sense of humor to almost every situation while maintaining the utmost in a professional demeanor with our Senior population.
What do you like best about caring for Seniors? 
I feel honored to be able to help a person entering a somewhat uncertain phase in life. The best thing I can do for my client is to encourage them daily and instill a sense of trust and confidence in the relationship that is being built between us. When that has been established I almost feel like I'm part of their family!!



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